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Use Cases
Сustomer Engagement
Create a guide for a device or service so that the customer quickly and comfortably gets started with it. Showcase the full range of possibilities.
Product Localization
Support local clients of your product by creating a product guide for them in their local language. Personalize factory instructions to make them useful for the customer.
Feature Adoption
Support your new launch or product update with this guide. Show how the new changes will make your customers' lives better.
Individual Approach
Create a personal guide or step-by-step instruction to help your customers solve a problem.
Objects Advantages
Create any guide in a few minutes
Our online constructor allows you to create a guide in a few minutes. The guide is always under your control: make changes at any time. Now you don't need a designer for this, you can make a product guide by yourself.
Works anywhere and anytime
Now you don't need to send heavy PDF Manuals to users. The guide created in Objects can always be sent to users as a link. You can always make changes to the guide. It doesn't matter if you are on a mobile device or a personal computer.
More than just a manual
The user manual is not tons of black and white paper in different languages. Add pictures, videos, insert links, choose a font and background to present your product via user manual. Save it in PDF if you still need to print it.
  • 3 objects
  • 10 blocks per object
  • Export to PDF
  • "Made with Objects" label
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  • Unlimited objects
  • Collaboration mode
  • Customer Support
  • White-label
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