Shape your work
Objects is a collaborative workspace for any team to organize ideas, docs, and projects
Objects is a workspace to collaborate on notes, docs and projects

Made for startups, management teams, hyperlocal communities, art-groups, teachers, students and other teams, who appreciate simplicity and functionality in one box
Work together in one space
Objects combine the capabilities of notes, documents, tables, and other familiar formats. Besides, it looks visually attractive from the beginning

Teams and individuals make objects from blocks and templates to shape their projects and work on it together
Create objects
'No-code' blocks
Blocks can be simply created and used by any member of a team. Mix formats to create multi-functional object, edit and share it with others
Integrations API makes your favorite tools work together with Objects
⚡Blocks allow you to add text, links, lists, images, videos, files, tables and many other elements into your object
How teams and creators use Objects
Brainstorm product ideas, create operations documents, plan features, funding rounds and collaborate all in one workspace
VC Fund
Make an optical workspace to structure a company info, create founders list share presentations, media kit and HR docs
Coding School
Collaborate ideas, register feedback, follow-up with notes, collect final projects with beautiful visual representation
Offline Business
Navigate your community, manage your wholesale and control budgeting with Objects
Hyperlocal Community
Achieve your collective goals with Objects as an elementary knowledge base for those, who want changes
Film Team
The process of a video production might take a while, as well as an aligned efforts. Members' portfolios, script drafts, project synopsis, moodboards, research notes, checklists — make it happen with Objects
Ready for creating objects?