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Objects is a collaborative workspace for creative professionals to organize ideas, notes, docs, and projects
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Collaborate ideas, follow-up with notes and collect final projects in a simple, functional blocks. Achieve your goals with Objects as a knowledge base for creative teams and individuals, who want changes.
Culture of creating objects
In case of emergency, remember:

  • Search is as important as the creation itself
  • Contain chaos by your ideas
  • Make mistakes
  • Embrace what is around you
  • Be in touch with your team
  • Make more with less
  • Don't stop looking for answers
  • Know when to stop
  • Feel the flow of your work
  • Learn when to take lead and when to follow
  • Work as one, make it visible
  • Be supportive and respectful to your work and team
Collaboration or isolation
Global events force us to change our perspective. We reorganize our personal boundaries not only to fit in but for the sake of the world's well-being. Covid-19 has changed our approach to living. Isolation no longer means just being apart from every one. Now it means being together and being united by the same wave of change.

That's why we created 'Collaboration or isolation', a series of interview that explores this necessity to take a step back from the normal routine to become a part of the driving force against modern conditions. We talked to 10 creative professionals to learn how they feel about the current situation and how they think it will change our lives.
Artwork by Lena Berman
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