Shape words into solutions

Create guides on how to use, fix or make anything and share with customers in minutes.

User Guide
Step-by-step Instruction
Faq page
Make product navigation easier. Guide your clients through the all the details.
Show how to create, fix or do anything one step at a time.
Outline the rules of your business. Learn your clients' worries, put them into a neat doc.
Why choose instructions and manuals
Let's be honest. Each customer wants to feel unique whether you have time for that or not. Most of them won't even read the Help section going straight to your DMs. So, give them what they want — a personal touch made with love and care.

Objects provide a tool for creating a simple and functional customer instructions in minutes that will allow your clients to use the product to the full capacity. It's an easy way to empower quality customer relationship and promote brand loyalty.
Rich Text Editor
Upload images and screenshots
Embed Loom,
Youtube and Vimeo Videos
Easy step navigation
Code Highlighting
Collaborate on guides (PRO)
Color themes
Instant Sharing
10 objects, Rich Text Editor, Instant Sharing
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⚡ PRO $50/year
Unlimited objects, Collaboration Mode
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