Team collaboration workspace to work on docs, projects and knowledge bases

We change the shape
of document collaboration

An Object might be used as a note, a list, a document, a gallery, and it looks like a presentation or a website when you share it
Teams use Objects to collaborate on projects and knowledge bases in one workspace
Collaborate ideas, follow up with notes and collect final projects all in one space. Achieve your goals with Objects as a knowledge base for creative teams and individuals, who want changes.

Work together in one space

Collaboration or isolation

Global events has forced us to change our perspective and approach to living. That's why we created 'Collaboration or isolation', a series of interviews with creative professionals that explores the necessity to step back from the normal routine and how it impacts art.
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Our goal is to provide an affordable tool for anyone.
We made all of our plans free during the COVID-19 pandemics.
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