Create microsite, landing page, portfolio in minutes for free

No-code. No limits.

The object combines the simplicity of a note, the functionality of a website, and looks like a ready-made presentation.

Engage your audience

Be in touch with your community. Provide information and generate content that will drive your business forward.

Present your product

A quick page-builder allows to express yourself in a new dynamic format and share your vision in an instant.

Organize and share

Use objects for any ideas and projects.
Collect for yourself. Inspire others.

Collaboration or isolation

Global events has forced us to change our perspective and approach to living. That's why we created 'Collaboration or isolation', a series of interviews with creative professionals that explores the necessity to step back from the normal routine and how it impacts art.

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  • Objects: 5
  • Blocks per object: 10
  • Templates: Featured
  • Backgrounds: Basic Pack
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Pro (Soon)
  • Objects: 20
  • Blocks per object: 20
  • Templates: Full
  • Backgrounds: Art Pack
  • Analytics
  • Custom Domain
  • Logo removed
  • Export to PDF
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Team (Soon)
  • Objects: 50
  • Blocks per object: 30
  • Member permissions
  • Analytics
  • White Lable
  • Custom Domain
  • Dark mode theme
  • Export to PDF
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Advanced Publishing
Short URLs for microsites. Friendly URLs for SEO.
Youtube, Vimeo Embeds
Coming next: Twitch
Rich Text Editor
Text Styles, Lists. Coming next: emoji, checklists
Custom Domain
Coming soon.
Collaboration Mode
Workspaces. Team members access.
Coming next: Versions.
Coming soon: Internal Analytics, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, Fb Pixel, Google Adsense,
Art Backgrounds&Colors. Soon: Fonts, Themes
Export to PDF
Coming soon.
Whats is Objects?
Objects is a no-code tool to create microsites, landing pages, resumes, portfolios, and much more in minutes.
How can I use Objects?
Usually, an object is used to create a website or promotional page. But also objects can be used for resumes, instructions, collections of things you want to share. Whenever you need to create any document or page online quickly and without extra expenses.
What is the difference from other tools?
Objects are like documents that you can use for different tasks using one workspace. For example, you can create an object to collect your favorite recipes in it. Or you can turn this object into a microsite for your cafe that will help to attract new customers.
Is it free?
Exactly. A free plan allows you to create up to 5 objects from scratch. Like a microsite for Instagram, a project portfolio, or even compilation of memes. And you will have 2 more objects that you can create from our templates.